The Pine Hill Haints

Alabama Ghost Music

2018 Smoke Tour w/ Slow Motion Cowboy and Serious Sam Barrett




Jan. 21; Las Cruces, NM @ Martha's House Concert
Jan. 22; Flagstaff, AZ @ Hotel Monte Vista
Jan. 24; Las Vegas, NV @ Double Down Saloon
Jan. 25; Long Beach @ 4th Street Vine
Jan. 26; San Pedro @ Recess Ops
Jan. 27; Tuscon, AZ @ Exo
Jan. 28; Bisbee, AZ @ The Courtyard
Jan. 29; Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm
Jan. 30; Truth or Consequences, NM @ T or C Brewery
Jan. 31; Austin, TX @ Vegas Hotel
Feb. 1; Galveston, TX @ The Old Quarter
Feb. 2; Lake Arthur, LA @ The Grand Sonnier Dancehall
Feb. 3; Auburn, AL @ Avondale
Feb. 4; Mobile, AL @ Blind Mule (Early show!!!)
Feb. 5; New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
Feb. 6; Mobile, AL @ Satori
Feb. 7; Pensacola, FL @ Chizuku
Feb. 8; Lakeland, FL @ Tys Chop Shop
Feb. 9;
Delray Beach, FL @ Death or Glory Restaurant
Feb. 10; Tampa, FL @ Dunedin Brewery
Feb. 11; Mobile, AL @ The Merry Widow (JOE CAIN DAY!!!)

The Pine Hill Haints and Serious Sam Barrett tour dates!


17-Lake Arthur, party
18-Dauphin Island, AL...Fins
19-Mobile, AL...the Merry Widow...Serious Sam Barrett show
21-Pensacola, FL...the Handle Bar
22-Jacksonville, FL...Nighthawks
23-Gainesville, FL...Boca Fiesta
24-Ft Lauderdale, FL...Kreepy Tiki
25-Dunedin, FL...Dunedin Brewery
26-Mobile, AL...the Merry Widow
27-New Orleans, LA...Circle Bar
28-Lafayette, LA...Artmosphere
2-Auburn, AL...Avondale

Serious Sam Barrett with James the Fang Shows

3-Waverly, AL...Standard Deluxe
4-Florence, AL...Blank Comics with The Invisible Teardrops
5-Huntsville, AL...Salty Nut Brewery
6-Tecumseh MO TBA
7-Lafayette, IN...the People's BrewingCo
8-Paducah, KY...Dry Ground Brewing

Haints and Th'Legendary Shack Shakers Shows



Serious Sam Barrett and Pine Hill Haints tour.

Serious Sam Barrett is doing a tour in the United States next week! 


The first half of it being Sam and a cat named Al Scorch then he'll meet up with Jamie (The Fang) for a few shows. Finally he'll meet up with the Haints for the final leg of the tour.

If you haven't heard Sam go check him out , he's a good friend of the Haints and he's got a new LP up for pre-order. (HERE)


  • 20th Jan - Taos New Mexico (With Al Scorch)

  • 21st Jan -  Albuquerque New Mexico (With Al Scorch)

  • 22nd Jan -  Santa Fe (With Al Scorch)

  • 23rd Jan -  Las Cruces (With Al Scorch)

  • 24th Jan -  Tuscon (With Al Scorch)

  • 26th Jan -  Austin Texas At the Buzz Saw with James the Fang

  • 27th Jan - Denton Texas at J&J's pizza with James the Fang

  • 28th Jan - Sycamore MO with James the Fang

  • 29th Jan - DELIA'S, LAKE ARTHUR, LOUISIANA with the Pine Hill Haints

  • 30th Jan - Sluggo's, Pensacola with the Pine Hill Haints

  • 31st Jan - Standard Deluxe with The Pine Hill Haints

  • 4th FEB- ATL The star bar with the Legendary Shack Shakers

  • 5th FEB - Lafayette, Louisiana , the Blue Moon Saloon with the Lost Bayou Ramblers

  • 7th FEB - Mobile Alabama at the Merry Widow for Joe Cain Day!

The Pine Hill Haints Show Dates for July and August

The Pine Hill Haints


July 14-Sycamore, Missouri...Eric's house

July 15-St Louis, Missouri...Off Broadway

July 16-Kansas City, Missouri...Knuckleheads

July 17-Des Moines, Iowa...Gas Lamp


July 21-St Florian, Florence AL....St Florian Park

July 22-Florence AL...Ricatoni's

July 24-Florence, AL...City Hardware

July 25-Florence, AL...Heritage University


August 4-Cody, Wyoming...Silver Dollar Bar 

August 5-Sundance, Wyoming...the Dime Horseshoe

August 6-Sundance, Wyoming...the Dime Horseshoe

August 7-Cheyenne, Wyoming

August 8-Laramie, Wyoming...The Buckhorn

August 9-Ft Collins, Colorado....TBA

The Pine Hill Haints with Serious Sam Barrett

The Pine Hill Haints and Serious Sam Barrett Tour

Art by Katie Kat   

Art by Katie Kat



17-Birmingham, AL - Iron City
18-Waverly, AL - 280 Boogie
19-Pensacola, FL - Sluggo's
21-St. Augustine, FL - Nobbys 
22-Gainesville, FL - Boca
23-Lakeland, FL - The Chop Shop
24-Miami, FL - The Kreepy Tiki
25-Dunedin, FL - The Dunedin Brewery

Shows In April


17-Birmingham, AL/Iron City 

                                               w/Clarabelle and the Creeps

 18-Waverly, AL/280 Boogie

 19-Pensacola, FL/Sluggo's

 21-St. Augustine, FL/Nobbys 

 22-Gainseville, FL?

 23-Lakeland, FL/The Chop Shop                                                 

 24-Miami, FL/The Kreepy Tiki                                        

 25-Dunedin, FL/The Dunedin Brewery