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2018 Smoke Tour w/ Slow Motion Cowboy and Serious Sam Barrett




Jan. 21; Las Cruces, NM @ Martha's House Concert
Jan. 22; Flagstaff, AZ @ Hotel Monte Vista
Jan. 24; Las Vegas, NV @ Double Down Saloon
Jan. 25; Long Beach @ 4th Street Vine
Jan. 26; San Pedro @ Recess Ops
Jan. 27; Tuscon, AZ @ Exo
Jan. 28; Bisbee, AZ @ The Courtyard
Jan. 29; Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm
Jan. 30; Truth or Consequences, NM @ T or C Brewery
Jan. 31; Austin, TX @ Vegas Hotel
Feb. 1; Galveston, TX @ The Old Quarter
Feb. 2; Lake Arthur, LA @ The Grand Sonnier Dancehall
Feb. 3; Auburn, AL @ Avondale
Feb. 4; Mobile, AL @ Blind Mule (Early show!!!)
Feb. 5; New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
Feb. 6; Mobile, AL @ Satori
Feb. 7; Pensacola, FL @ Chizuku
Feb. 8; Lakeland, FL @ Tys Chop Shop
Feb. 9;
Delray Beach, FL @ Death or Glory Restaurant
Feb. 10; Tampa, FL @ Dunedin Brewery
Feb. 11; Mobile, AL @ The Merry Widow (JOE CAIN DAY!!!)

The Pine Hill Haints and Serious Sam Barrett tour dates!


17-Lake Arthur, party
18-Dauphin Island, AL...Fins
19-Mobile, AL...the Merry Widow...Serious Sam Barrett show
21-Pensacola, FL...the Handle Bar
22-Jacksonville, FL...Nighthawks
23-Gainesville, FL...Boca Fiesta
24-Ft Lauderdale, FL...Kreepy Tiki
25-Dunedin, FL...Dunedin Brewery
26-Mobile, AL...the Merry Widow
27-New Orleans, LA...Circle Bar
28-Lafayette, LA...Artmosphere
2-Auburn, AL...Avondale

Serious Sam Barrett with James the Fang Shows

3-Waverly, AL...Standard Deluxe
4-Florence, AL...Blank Comics with The Invisible Teardrops
5-Huntsville, AL...Salty Nut Brewery
6-Tecumseh MO TBA
7-Lafayette, IN...the People's BrewingCo
8-Paducah, KY...Dry Ground Brewing

Haints and Th'Legendary Shack Shakers Shows



Serious Sam Barrett and Pine Hill Haints tour.

Serious Sam Barrett is doing a tour in the United States next week! 


The first half of it being Sam and a cat named Al Scorch then he'll meet up with Jamie (The Fang) for a few shows. Finally he'll meet up with the Haints for the final leg of the tour.

If you haven't heard Sam go check him out , he's a good friend of the Haints and he's got a new LP up for pre-order. (HERE)


  • 20th Jan - Taos New Mexico (With Al Scorch)

  • 21st Jan -  Albuquerque New Mexico (With Al Scorch)

  • 22nd Jan -  Santa Fe (With Al Scorch)

  • 23rd Jan -  Las Cruces (With Al Scorch)

  • 24th Jan -  Tuscon (With Al Scorch)

  • 26th Jan -  Austin Texas At the Buzz Saw with James the Fang

  • 27th Jan - Denton Texas at J&J's pizza with James the Fang

  • 28th Jan - Sycamore MO with James the Fang

  • 29th Jan - DELIA'S, LAKE ARTHUR, LOUISIANA with the Pine Hill Haints

  • 30th Jan - Sluggo's, Pensacola with the Pine Hill Haints

  • 31st Jan - Standard Deluxe with The Pine Hill Haints

  • 4th FEB- ATL The star bar with the Legendary Shack Shakers

  • 5th FEB - Lafayette, Louisiana , the Blue Moon Saloon with the Lost Bayou Ramblers

  • 7th FEB - Mobile Alabama at the Merry Widow for Joe Cain Day!

The Pine Hill Haints with Serious Sam Barrett

The Pine Hill Haints and Serious Sam Barrett Tour

Art by Katie Kat   

Art by Katie Kat



17-Birmingham, AL - Iron City
18-Waverly, AL - 280 Boogie
19-Pensacola, FL - Sluggo's
21-St. Augustine, FL - Nobbys 
22-Gainesville, FL - Boca
23-Lakeland, FL - The Chop Shop
24-Miami, FL - The Kreepy Tiki
25-Dunedin, FL - The Dunedin Brewery

Shows In April


17-Birmingham, AL/Iron City 

                                               w/Clarabelle and the Creeps

 18-Waverly, AL/280 Boogie

 19-Pensacola, FL/Sluggo's

 21-St. Augustine, FL/Nobbys 

 22-Gainseville, FL?

 23-Lakeland, FL/The Chop Shop                                                 

 24-Miami, FL/The Kreepy Tiki                                        

 25-Dunedin, FL/The Dunedin Brewery